Home loan balance transfer has multiple benefits which a borrower must understand before applying for it.

These different benefits of home loan transfer are listed below –

  • Lower rates of interest

The biggest advantage of availing a Home loan balance transfer is to be able to repay the loan at a lower rate of interest. This directly impacts the amount of money paid in EMI every month and can help you save considerably in the long run.

  • Top-up loans

Top-up loans are like extensions on an existing line of credit. Borrowers can avail this additional credit without going through the hassle of providing new documents. Additionally, the lack of any document verification also makes the process of approval faster.

  • Restructuring repayment tenor

Borrowers receive the chance to restructure their home loan repayment plan. While they can shorten the repayment tenor to avail further reduction in rates of interest, they also have the option to extend it in case they also have to spend regularly on some other financial liability.

  • Additional insurance policy

Very few selective financial institutions offer an insurance policy when you opt for a home loan balance transfer. Having this feature at hand can be especially helpful since it protects not only an individual but his/her whole family and household in case any unforeseen circumstances.

  • Online account management

Online management can be helpful in managing a loan account since borrowers can access all details from their computer or smartphone.

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While the above benefits of home loan transfer make it a good option, the application procedure is also very easy. Typically it can be completed in a few minutes if all the necessary documents are arranged from before.