A joint home loan is available to 2 to 6 borrowers. A co-borrower can be a spouse, sibling, or any other individual who is a co-owner of the house. Most joint loans are taken by couples.

There are a few advantages of taking a joint home loan husband wife. These include –

  • Higher loan eligibility – In case of a joint home loan, the responsibility of repayment lies equally between the applicant and co-applicant(s). As both parties are required to be employed, the acquired loan amount is higher.
  • Reduced burden – As the responsibility is equally shared, the chance of being a defaulter reduces.
  • Tax benefits – From the point of view of tax benefits, taking a joint home loan is rather beneficial. Under Section 80c and 24(b), both the individuals can avail the maximum deductions i.e. Rs.1.5 lakh and Rs.2 lakh, respectively.
  • Special interest rates for women co-owners – Several financial institutions offer special interest rates for women applicants. These rates can only be obtained if the applicant is either the prime owner or co-owner of the property. Likewise, the applicant has to the sole borrower or co-applicant of the loan.

Due to such initiatives, obtaining a joint home loan husband-wife is proved beneficial in our country. Hence, many couples have successfully acquired to buy their ideal household with ease.