The government of India implemented the FASTag method to reduce traffic congestion at toll booths. Fastag is an RFID chip-enabled sticker that is affixed on the vehicle windscreen.

A FASTag lane will scan the FASTag sticker on the vehicle windscreen as it passes through, and automatically deduct the toll amount from the account linked to the FASTag.

One can avail of their FASTag from any public highway toll booth plazas, authorized financial institutions and dealers such as Amazon and Paytm. In Paytm, the toll amount will be deducted from your Paytm wallet.

How to purchase Paytm FASTag

One can buy Paytm FASTag via their mobile application or their website.

Step 1: Click the ‘buy FASTag’ tab in this mobile application. If you don’t have the mobile app, visit the official website and log in with your mobile number and password.

Step 2: Once you are redirected to Paytm FASTag page, you are required to provide your vehicle’s registration number and your photo. You will also have to upload your vehicle registration certificate.

Step 3: Submit the above information and pay the fee.

Step 4: Your FASTag will be delivered to your address. You will have to furnish original documents to complete the verification process.

Documentation required for the verification process –

  1. Vehicle registration certificate
  2. KYC documents like voter ID card, passport, Aadhaar, driving license.
Recharge procedure for Paytm Fastag

You can quickly recharge your Paytm FASTag by following the below steps –

  1. Go to your Paytm application and select the option called ‘FASTag and toll’ on the homepage.
  2. Click on the tab ‘add money to FASTag’.
  3. Provide the amount for recharge and then click on proceed to add money.
One can only affix one FASTag to one vehicle. You cannot pay for multiple vehicles through one FASTag account. A Paytm FASTag will allow you to make the payment quickly to ensure that you don’t have to wait for a long time at highway toll booth plazas while going for a road trip. You can also opt for insurance plans like road trip protection, which will provide substantial financial compensation in case any unforeseen incidents take place.