Potential borrowers of a home loan in Jaipur should keep a few crucial factors in mind to be able to choose the best offer for them. Additionally, keeping these factors listed below in mind also aids in when applying by making the whole process straightforward.

  • Interest rate
There are two types of interest rates from which a borrower can choose for their housing loan viz. floating and fixed interest rates.
While a fixed rate of interest remains constant throughout the tenor, floating rates vary based on the market fluctuations.

  • Loan amount
Borrowers must apply for a loan amount which is lesser than the amount they are eligible for. This can ensure a much lower interest rate on their home loan.

  • Tenor length
Shorter tenor lengths ensure lesser risk for financial institutions. Consequently, they also offer lower rates of interest for borrowers opting for short repayment tenors.

  • Credit score
Credit or CIBIL score is checked by lenders to judge the credibility of a specific borrower. A high CIBIL score lets you enjoy the best possible rates while availing loans.

  • Eligibility and documents
It is imperative for all to check the eligibility requirements carefully before applying for a home loan. Additionally, arranging the documents in advance saves time during the application procedure.

Typically, renowned financial institutions verify and approve loan offers within a couple of days. The disbursal of home loan in Jaipur can take up to a maximum of 4 days.